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Semana Santa 2020 & Religious tourism in Puebla

02 Mar 2020
Here is all you have to know about Semana Santa 2020. What is so special about these celebration in Puebla?

Semana Santa is celebrated on the first Full moon Sunday after the Spring equinox which happens around March 21st. This is why the date changes every year but always making sure it does not happen on Jewish Easter dates.

Religious tourism is a tendency fundamented on Faith. Peregrinations are the main manifestation and they have become an authentic party, a great spectacle to observe. 

Around the world there are obligated religious tourism destinations for those who are interested in knowing the most emblematic traditions of distant places and so much more for the most faithful pilgrims. 

Puebla has become one of the most important religious tourism destinations in Mexico and the world; read more to know why. 

Semana Santa in Puebla

There are 9 Magical Towns, or Pueblos Magicos in the mexican state of Puebla. Its capital, Puebla de Zaragoza, is a metropolis with great attraction to religious tourism also called “Puebla de los Angeles” (Puebla of Angels) due to the legend that the first bishop had a dream where angels came down pointed out the place to found the first city.   

It’s estimated that there are more than 450,000 pieces of land classified as historic in the state of Puebla from which about 250,000 are in downtown Puebla de Zaragoza reason why it was declared as Humanity heritage on December 11, 1987 by UNESCO.

All this by itself makes Puebla an incredible destination for any visitor, but what makes it a must in the list of places to visit for all people looking for an intense Semana Santa 2020 are its outstanding churches which deserve a special mention. Amongst them Capilla del Rosario, and the Puebla Cathedral with baroque architecture stand out. And do not forget to visit the Church Sanctuary of our Lady of Remedies, one of the most emblematic backdrop in Puebla, built on top of an old pyramid. 

Tradition is lived here with certain particularities besides the beauty of the place itself and the magnificence of its churches.

The Seven Houses stand out in Puebla for Holy Thursday. Believers congregate to visit Las Siete Casas. This is a tour that takes you through the churches around the historical center of Puebla.

On Holy Friday in Semana Santa 2020 you will be able to appreciate the Walk of Silence where hooded men walk with heavy chains around their neck, shoulders, and ankles, and thorns embedded in their skin all around their bodies for about 3 kilometers starting at the San Francisco de Atlixco church with the intention of purging their sins. This is a custom with more than 100 years of tradition in which between 40 and 100 men participate every year. 

On that same Friday and on Holy Saturday, numerous devotees head to the area known as El Calvario on the way to the Fuertes de Loreto and Guadalupe. And “The Passion of Christ” is represented in downtown Puebla, at the junta auxiliar Romero Vargas. 

For sure Semana Santa 2020 in Puebla will be absolutely amazing, an incredible opportunity to rejoice in Faith.

What are the dates for Semana Santa 2020?

Please keep in mind the dates for Semana Santa 2020 because it’s a popular date for visitors and hotels book up quite quickly.  

Dates for Semana Santa 2020:

- April 5th, Palm Sunday 

- April 6th, Holy Monday 

- April 7th, Holy Tuesday 

- April 8th, Holy Wednesday

- April 9th, Holy Thursday

- April 10th, Holy Friday

- April 11th, Holy Saturday or Glory Saturday

- April 12th, Resurrection Sunday (Easter)

What is the best place to book?

The best place is unquestionably a hotel with great location, close to the most important areas of this celebrations. A comfortable hotel at a fair price.   


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